WrestleMania XXX and Raw the night after


So I planned on staying up to watch WrestleMania but a combination of waking up early and having work the next day put me off that. I mean as much as I would have enjoyed it, I felt like a few things were a foregone conclusion, Daniel Bryan was going to get his fairy tale ending, The Shield would dominate, Bray Wyatt would be creepy and of course The Undertaker would win.

So I wake up about 8:30 on Monday morning and the first thing I do is check WWE.com while having my breakfast.

I expect to be greeted by pictures of Daniel Bryan, both arms raised doing the Yes chant, with a title in each hand.

Instead I was greeted with this


They did it.

They really did it.

WWE pulled off one of the last few things that would shock every wrestling fan, even the most cynical ones.

I was in complete shock, with no one in my house, I just walked around while making my breakfast, saying outloud to myself “they did it, they actually did it.”

I never thought we would see it, I truly thought he was going to retire with the streak intact. And if he was to lose, I thought it would be against someone who the WWE were building up to be the face of the company. But thinking about it, Lesnar makes perfect sense.

When Brock Lesnar wrestles, partly due to his sporadic appearances and also partly due to his UFC background, he brings the big fight feel. I envision Brock Lesnar now becomes the man to beat at WrestleMania.

But The Undertaker losing plays into a larger thing which became even more evident on Raw last night, there is a real changing of the guard taking place in the WWE right now.

Some older wrestling fans have a yearning for it return to the way it was in the olden days, the Attitude era, a time in which a lot of people, including myself, first got into wrestling. And when The Shield had Billy Gunn and Road Dogg in position to hit a double triple powerbomb, JBL mentioned it “there goes the attitude era.”

At WrestleMania we saw Daniel Bryan come out on top, The Shield and Bray Wyatt continue to impress, The Streak was broken, Cesaro picking up Big Show and throwing him over the top. The next night on Raw, Cesaro became a Heyman guy, The Shield and Daniel Bryan were a united front against The Authority, we saw the debuts of Paige and Rusev and promos for Adam Rose and Bo Dallas. It’s often said that WrestleMania is like the season finale for the WWE and last night’s Raw truly felt like a season premiere.