New teaser trailer for Shaun the Sheep

Wallace and Gromit are British institutions so to see anything from that world again is something to look forward to.

Shaun the Sheep will be out Spring 2015


The Dark Tick Returns

People Magazine is reporting that Patrick Warburton has signed on for another season of The Tick live action TV series which aired in 2001. The show, lasting only 9 episodes was a comedy parodying superheroes and was adapted from a comic book by Ben Edlund, one of the best Supernatural writers and also wrote some of the best Angel episodes.

The Tick also had a 3 season animated series in the mid 90s which was hilarious and told the story of The Tick and his sidekick Arthur, who had a moth suit, because nothing screams superhero like a Moth.

I hope that means the return of Nester Carbonell as one of the most iconic characters in TV history…



With the popularity of superhero films and TV shows at the moment, a series like this is just what we need, something which lovingly pokes fun at the genre.

My love letter to Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Recently a rumour spread around the internet that Warner Brothers has initiated a no jokes policy for their upcoming DC films and part of this is down to the failure of Green Lantern at the box office.

And this got me to thinking about Green Lantern and the Green Lantern especially in light of the recent success of the Guardians of the Galaxy film. DC had the opportunity to make their Guardians of the Galaxy movie, instead they insisted on focusing on Hal Jordan’s earth adventures.

It also got me thinking about one of the saddest results of the failure of the movie, the lack of support for Green Lantern: The Animated Series. This series was incredible and was exactly the sort of space opera that the character of Green Lantern deserves.

One of the most interesting aspects of the series was the love story, which seems like a strange thing to see for an action series that was supposedly market towards males.  But then it should as no surprise considering the involvement of Bruce Timm and Giancarlo Volpe, 2 guys who worked on action series in the past which also included romance angles, the Timmverse DC animated universe and Avatar: The Last Airbender respectively. The love story in GL: TAS wasn’t even between a Green Lantern and someone else, it was between 2 characters created specifically for the series. Razer starts off the series as a villain, a red lantern, who was overcome with grief for the loss of his wife who was murdered. Aya starts off as Artificial Intelligence, not the most likely of romances. And these aren’t 2 characters who have 50 years of history in the comics, instead we see 2 characters develop a relationship and themselves as we see Razer start to become a good and Aya becomes more sentient. Over 26 episodes a beautiful love story developed and ended in one of the most heartbreaking cliffhangers, with Razer refusing to believe that Aya was gone and vowing to scour the universe to find her and then…



Man, I wanted to see Razer get that ring and you know Aya had to be out there somewhere. It was particularly interesting that the series finale focused a lot on these 2 characters considering it was a Green Lantern show, but that just shows the strength of the writers.



But the love story wasn’t the only reason this series was great. I loved seeing these characters explore all the different worlds, seeing all these different Green Lanterns like Ch’p, the Mogo episode and of my favourites, Chaselon. We also saw other rings. In the series we were introduced to Green, Red, Blue and Orange Lanterns along with the Star Sapphires. Should the series have continued I’m sure we would have seen Yellow introduced, after all we got a Sinestro episode, I would have loved to have seen him getting his yellow ring play out in the series. We even got the introduction of Guy Gardner and a mention of John Stewart (“the fake news guy?”).


The show also provided us with some great fight scenes. We really saw what those rings can do, from one on one fights to epic space battles. And the music, the music was perfect. A lot of people talk about animated shows that were cancelled too early and Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man are always brought up but Green Lantern is the one that upset me the most.


All in all, Green Lantern was a fantastic animated series and I can’t help but wonder, if the film had been a success, would this have received a greater push. Regardless, I hope that those in charge of the DC Cinematic Universe look to what has made their animated series so beloved when deciding the direction of their movies.




Who can dethrone Brock Lesnar?

We are a week removed from SummerSlam and the wrestling equivalent of Brazil against Germany at this year’s World Cup. Last week we saw Brock Lesnar decimate John Cena with 16 suplexes. To see a main event match play out like that was slightly surreal.

Now the question is, the WWE have built Brock Lesnar up to be The Guy. Who can defeat him?

Daniel Bryan


The man who was rumoured to be facing Lesnar at SummerSlam but couldn’t due to his injuries, Daniel Bryan is undoubtedly still one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE and I imagine that his return will be well hyped, unless he’s a Royal Rumble entrant. Imagine Bryan coming back and challenging Lesnar on the grounds that he never actually lost his title. This would be the ultimate David vs Goliath match in the WWE, even more so than last year’s CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar. Imagine Brock Lesnar throwing Daniel Bryan around the ring or Bryan being the ultimate underdog and pulling out a victory.

The Undertaker


We don’t know the status of The Undertaker at the moment, though many assume he is retired, however imagine it, after a few months of Brock Lesnar dominating the WWE main event scene, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman standing in the middle of the ring, Heyman with his usual gloating and suddenly you hear the gong, the lights go out and the mind games start. The ultimate revenge story as Undertaker marches straight to WrestleMania to defeat the 1 in 21 and 1 and win the WWE title.

John Cena


What if John Cena pulled off a Rocky type tale. In the lead up to Night of Champions, we see training vignettes, Cena going back to basics, knowing he can’t use the same tactics he did in the SummerSlam match. I know the internet would lose it’s mind, but John Cena is still one of the best the WWE has and if the plan is to put over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania who better for him to face than the current top star of the WWE.

The Rock


This might be the biggest match the WWE could put on at the moment mainstream wise. Certified megastar The Rock against former UFC champion Brock Lesnar would be a huge WrestleMania main event. Whether The Rock will even come back to wrestle is unknown at this point, but it was rumoured that this was the match that was scheduled for this year’s WrestleMania so maybe there will be a push to put it on at 31.

A member of The Shield


Roman Reigns is the rumoured name to be the one to beat Brock Lesnar, possibly at WrestleMania. They’ve obviously been building him up to be the next top guy in the WWE. But is it guaranteed that his push can sustain the 8 months still left for WrestleMania.  The crowd reactions he is receiving are still strong, but maybe not as strong as they were when he was part of The Shield. Maybe instead it will  be one his Shield cohorts who will win the title before him. After all Seth Rollins currently holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, what after a grueling match, Seth Rollins runs in and cashes in on Brock Lesnar. Or maybe it will be Dean Ambrose, he has been almost Daniel Bryan like reactions since his feud started with Seth Rollins. And maybe no one is crazy enough to face Brock Lesnar except Dean Ambrose. Or complete fantasy booking time here now, Triple H and The Authority’s control of Brock Lesnar begins to loosen and he goes into business for himself and the only people that Triple H can turn to is the Hounds of Justice.

The main reason I’m excited for Star Wars Rebels: Greg Weisman

So this fall we are going to see a new animated series set in the Star Wars universe. The first piece of Star Wars media to come out since the Disney buyout. And set between the prequels and the original trilogy. That should be reason enough to be excited.

But one of the main reasons I am excited is the involvement of this man.


Greg Weisman.

Greg Weisman is responsible for some of the best animated series of the past few years. From taking on one of the most iconic superheroes in Spectacular Spider-Man to depicting the proteges of the most iconic superheroes in Young Justice and creating one of the most adult animated shows shown on Disney in Gargoyles, Weisman has helped changed the way animation is seen in the West.

A comparison that is often made to Weisman is that he is the Joss Whedon of animation, partly because a lot of his shows have been cancelled but also the quality of his work.



I went into Spectacular Spider-Man, I had read the hype, but my nostalgia glasses were firmly on and my love for the 90’s Spider-Man series was in full effect. But as I watched it I realised this fully surpassed 90’s series. I particularly loved the Venom arc, I had always been a fan of the character and seeing Eddie Brock and slowly descend to the point where the symbiote could fully take advantage of his anger towards Peter Parker enough to turn him into Venom was gripping stuff. And I can’t lie, I did a little fist pump and shout when Gwen Stacy kissed Peter in the Season 1 finale.


I watched Young Justice having just watched Bruce Timm’s Justice League. The Timmverse is considered by many to be the definitive DC Universe in the media. And while that may be true, Young Justice was definitely a worth follow up.  Featuring the sidekicks of the most popular DC characters. Starting off with the team of Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy and Miss Martian, over 2 seasons we saw members coming and going, relationships form and break up, appearances from the DC universe and superb action. And that cliffhanger… that cliffhanger man. It’s a damn shame this was cancelled. The characters of Young Justice will be making an appearance in Teen Titans Go.


As for Gargoyles, I remember watching it as a kid, I even owned a Goliath toy. But I was never fully into it. But after watching Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice, I had to check out more of this man’s work and Gargoyles was the most obvious choice. Critically lauded and one of the earliest examples of a serialised animated series in the West, Gargoyles is still considered one of the best animated series of all time, up there with Avatar: The Last Airbender and Batman: The Animated Series. I’m surprised Disney haven’t attempted a live action version of this, it’s perfect franchise material.

To make another Joss Whedon comparison, I hope that Star Wars Rebels is Weisman’s Avengers and becomes a huge hit and we see it go more than 2 seasons.  In Weisman we trust.

New Better Call Saul teaser

So AMC released a new teaser for Breaking Bad spin off, Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk, reprising his character of Saul Good…wait no, he’s Jimmy McGill, and this is the story of him becoming Saul. It’s an origin story. I can’t wait, I marathoned Breaking Bad in about a month and a half so the anticipation is high for this one.

Better Call Saul starts in February.