Batman: The Animtated Series intro with no theme, just sound effects

As iconic as the theme for this series is, this version which has stripped down the music in favour of adding sound effects is incredible.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets the Special Edition, George Lucas edits treatment

I can’t even hate on the Special Editions, they were what introduced me to Star Wars. However I have to admit, as the  years have gone by, some of the additions George Lucas made were completely unnecessary.

I was dying at the Anakin Skywalker ghost/more features to the lightsaber scene.

Legend of Korra Beyond the Wilds review

It’s been a strange week for Legend of Korra, after last week’s clip show, then the announcement that it would be returning to TV then many fans were upset that there was no Korra at the Macy’s day parade. But it’s all OK, because this week’s episode was amazing.

We start off with seeing everyone’s favourite slacker Ryu, who has taken on a job as a tour guide and accepted his role as an Airbender, I’m sure his mum had a lot to do with that. The ever proud mother then fails to notice that the spirit vines attacking the people isn’t part of the show and is in fact Spirit vines going wild. Jinora, being queen of the spirit world senses that and goes to tell Korra so we can get the action underway.  Korra, Opal and Jinora go downtown to try and find Ryu but instead Korra gets a vision of the guys in the mecha suits breaking down the  Banyan Grove Tree which is kind of heartbreaking,  knowing the history of it and what it means. Korra takes the news to City Hall where MVP of the season Prince Wu is coming up with amazing ideas to capture Kuvira such as telling her she’s won a holiday then putting her in prison.

And that is when we get a reunion, Bolin and Varrick run in, dirty and out of breath and after almost getting detained, explain that Kuvira is building a super weapon. With Bolin back we get a few reunions, while it seems like the writers are saving a whole team reunion, probably for the finale, we did see Mako, Korra and Bolin together again. We also see him and Pabu continue their loving relationship. One relationship that isn’t so loving is his one with Opal, who is understandably upset that Bolin was kind of on Kuvira’s side when they took her family. Bolin’s attempts to rectify are by lying that he has broken his arms and legs in order to get Opal to a picnic, which she is not at all impressed by. The last chance Bolin get to prove his love is at the end of the episode when he catches Opal and Lin hitching a ride on a sky bison for a secret mission to rescue their family.

The other part of the episode dealt with Korra wanting to go see Zaheer after she attempted to enter the spirit world but was blocked by visions of him. Can I just say, the prisons in the Avatar universe are amazing, I know we’re not getting another series, at least not straight away, but if we, I want a season where an Avatar is falsely imprisoned in a high security prison and faces a variety of villains, each of which have their own personalised prison to stop them from escaping. I know I know, it’s the concept of the Green Arrow film that never happened, but the prisons in this show are so cool. Anyways Korra goes to see Zaheer who had grown his hair back, probably not out of choice, but it still looks great.  Zaheer and Korra discuss Kuvira and in Avatar tradition of a bad guy going good, well kind of, Zaheer decides to help Korra get her connection to the spirit world back. Zaheer fought against everything that Kuvira has become, and while he was one of the best villains in the series, his intentions could kind of be justified.

So Zaheer forces Korra to relive the moment, the moment where he almost killed her, the moment that had haunted her for 3 years. The writers choice to make Korra deal with these issues for the majority of the season is very great, we’ve had some false starts, when the metal was removed, when she felt ready to face Kuvira. But this time she had to fight through it, through that moment, Zaheer was always someone who was very spiritual, he must have known that was what Korra needed. We then see Korra’s reunion with Raava who guides her to where Jinora and the tourists are being kept in one of them beautiful spirit world moments in this series where everything moves at a fast pace.

We also in this episode, saw Raiko decide to put Asami and Varrick together to come up with some form of defence against Kuvira, Asami of course is very cautious of working with Varrick considering his history, but we all know that this is personal for Varrick now, so I can’t see him switching sides again.

After the slight disappointment that was last week’s episode, this week we got a very exciting which brought the story along nicely and started to put things into place for the finale which is not very far away at all.


Ready Player One film script is done

In an interview with Nerd Report, Zak Penn revealed that he has finished the script for Ready Player One and now it is in Warner Brothers’ hands. He revealed that while in the script he may have written some references to games and movies, that until production actually starts, we won’t know what references will actually be in it.

I am a fan of Zak Penn, he did make Alphas after all, and I loved the book but it feels like it will be something that is very hard to pull off. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see it done right, but it could be very hard, especially if the specific references end up costing too much to use, some of course could be left out, but some are major plot points in the film.