What do Phil Lord and Chris Miller mean for The Flash and the DC Cinematic Universe

So just this past week it was announced that Phil Lord and Chris Miller, of 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie fame (though I’ll always love them for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) were to be involved with The Flash movie. Now one thing about these 2 guys is that they are very funny, taking concepts that may not seem very desirable but making them hilarious and successful. And one thing that can not be said about the DC Cinematic Universe, is that it is very funny. OK we’ve only had one movie so far, but that movie was Man of Steel, a Superman movie, Superman who is a beacon of light for so many, and made it kind of dark, even made Superman kill (FYI, I wasn’t actually that affected by the death scene, but the internet was outraged). So how will their style of film fit into this.

If there is a character in the Justice League who is more upbeat than Superman, then it is The Flash. Here is a guy, who in one of the most beautiful moments in the Justice League animated series, stops Batman and Orion from beating on The Trickster and instead make sure he takes his meds and promises to go and see him in the hospital.

So when the plans for a Justice League film were announced, my first thought is how will Flash fit in to this Man of Steelverse. But getting Phil Lord and Chris Miller might save it from being too gritty and dark. And if DC is allowing Flash to go in that direction, there’s hope for other films, Shazam in particular, which require a lighter feel. I’m just glad that not every DC movie will feel the same, part of what makes Marvel work is that individual films feel like different genres as opposed to just being superhero movies.

Also I know if these 2 are writing the script, they have to make some sort of reference to the CW show, whether it’s included or not is a different story.


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