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Rejoice, Michael B Jordan and Ryan Coogler Reunite for Black Panther

I have not been on this blog for a while, but I have been meaning to return and what better way to return, what better news to return to, than the news of Michael B Jordan joining the cast of Black Panther.

Creed was one of my films of the year (in 2016 because it came out late in the UK) and the chemistry between Coogler and Jordan is undeniable, in fact I saw a few comments online lamenting that Jordan couldn’t be the Black Panther (I’m sure minds were changed after they saw Chadwick Boseman kill it in Civil War).

With Coogler behind the camera I hope we get more epic scenes like this one:



What do Phil Lord and Chris Miller mean for The Flash and the DC Cinematic Universe

So just this past week it was announced that Phil Lord and Chris Miller, of 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie fame (though I’ll always love them for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) were to be involved with The Flash movie. Now one thing about these 2 guys is that they are very funny, taking concepts that may not seem very desirable but making them hilarious and successful. And one thing that can not be said about the DC Cinematic Universe, is that it is very funny. OK we’ve only had one movie so far, but that movie was Man of Steel, a Superman movie, Superman who is a beacon of light for so many, and made it kind of dark, even made Superman kill (FYI, I wasn’t actually that affected by the death scene, but the internet was outraged). So how will their style of film fit into this.

If there is a character in the Justice League who is more upbeat than Superman, then it is The Flash. Here is a guy, who in one of the most beautiful moments in the Justice League animated series, stops Batman and Orion from beating on The Trickster and instead make sure he takes his meds and promises to go and see him in the hospital.

So when the plans for a Justice League film were announced, my first thought is how will Flash fit in to this Man of Steelverse. But getting Phil Lord and Chris Miller might save it from being too gritty and dark. And if DC is allowing Flash to go in that direction, there’s hope for other films, Shazam in particular, which require a lighter feel. I’m just glad that not every DC movie will feel the same, part of what makes Marvel work is that individual films feel like different genres as opposed to just being superhero movies.

Also I know if these 2 are writing the script, they have to make some sort of reference to the CW show, whether it’s included or not is a different story.

Ranking the weeks comic book movie reveals

It felt like this was a week where studios with comic book properties decided to reveal character from said properties. I’m not complaining, after all, it is the week DareDevil came out and the first showing of Avengers, so other studios took that chance to get themselves a little buzz.

5. Justice League Cast Reveal

Suicide Squad

Coming in at number 5 is a cast picture without anyone actually in costume, which is cool, but it doesn’t beat the rest of the reveals this week. However it does have Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, AKA Adibisi, AKA the man who I hope will end up winning the Game of Thrones, then tipping his crown to the side. He will be playing Killer Croc, and if he channels some of that Beware the Batman Killer Croc, then we’re in for a treat. This picture also made everyone ask where is Jared Leto, which is  the first time that has happened.

4. Jared Leto as The Joker

And here he is taking the picture and channelling the classic Killing Joke cover. Yeah so his hair is gone, which is a shame, because it looked mad soft, but it is what it is. I’m cautious about this film, however I am looking forward to it, probably a bit more than Batman vs Superman, feel like with this one they can let loose a little bit.

3. DareDevil costume


I’ve written before about how i don’t actually hate Affleck’s DareDevil film, but this series looks like it takes it to another level (I haven’t had a chance to start it yet.) But part of me feels like this costume doesn’t actually suit him, I’m sure it looks better on screen but in this image, just not feeling it.

2. The Thing

the thing

Despite the lack of eyebrows, The Thing looks really good. I have this weird feeling, and it’s probably completely wrong, that this has a chance to exceed expectations, which isn’t too hard considering expectations for it are so low. I didn’t hate the trailer, it had an epic sci fi feel, while I would prefer a more light hearted take on the characters, you can’t write off something based just on the trailer, well you can, that’s kind of the point of trailers, but yeah, I’ll check it out.

1. Vision


Along with positive reviews for his part in Age of Ultron, this week has been a week of Vision. Marvel has kind of kept him under wraps until very recently, but we got a proper look at him this week, and what a look it is. Taking enough of the comics without looking too cartoony, this shot Vision and the hype around the first responses saying he is the person to look out for has me really excited, which I obviously already was, because it’s Avengers.

Stephen Amell announced to be Casey Jones in the Ninja Turtles sequel

So it’s been a while.

But anyways, news broke while I was sleeping that Stephen Amell, beloved star of Arrow, has announced that he will be playing Casey Jones in the sequel to this year’s Ninja Turtles, which is set for release in 2016. Now I’ll be honest, I liked the Ninja Turtles movie, it was after a long day at work and I just smiled the whole way through, but obviously many people didn’t, so this casting is sure to throw a spanner in the works on their plans of not watching the sequel as Amell is a beloved star.

In other DC related casting news, Rory will once again be time travelling, not with the Doctor though, this time by himself, as he will be playing Rip Hunter in the upcoming Arrow/Flash spin off series which marks DC’s attempt to create a TV version of the Justice League. Chalk that another Doctor Who alumni for DC, a show which along with Prison Break and Spartacus, seems to be a breeding ground for superhero action at the moment.

And the most exciting news, Hawkgirl will also be in this spinoff. Now I didn’t know much about Hawkgirl growing up, then last summer I started watching the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited and it’s like “I get why everyone else is in this group, but why Hawkgirl.” But it soon became very clear why she was there as she became one of the most important members of the team and was the catalyst behind some of their biggest storylines. She will be played Ciara Renee, who hasn’t been in Doctor Who, Spartacus or Prison Break, but, I’m sure she’s good.

First look at new Laika movie

The animation world was once dominated by Pixar with Dreamworks coming in second. But now we are at a point where new animation studios are emerging that rival the work of these behemoths. Laika is one that is definitely up there. After successes with Coraline, Paranorman and Boxtrolls, Laika announced their new film Kubo and the Two Strings.

“The new movie, from an original screenplay by Marc Haimes and Chris Butler (ParaNorman) is a sweeping, swashbuckling adventure set in a mythical ancient Japan. It is being brought to life at LAIKA’s Oregon studios via the company’s innovative 3D stop-motion and CG hybrid technique. In addition to directing, Mr. Knight is producing Kubo and the Two Strings with Arianne Sutner (ParaNorman). The all-star voice cast includes Academy Award winners Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron; Academy Award nominees Rooney Mara, Ralph Fiennes, and Brenda Vaccaro; and Art Parkinson, who plays Rickon Stark on Game of Thronesand who is providing the voice for the title character of Kubo.

In the epic fantasy, scruffy, kindhearted Kubo ekes out a humble living while devotedly caring for his mother in their sleepy shoreside village. It is a quiet existence – until a spirit from the past catches up with him to enforce an age-old vendetta. Suddenly on the run from gods and monsters, Kubo’s chance for survival rests on finding the magical suit of armor once worn by his fallen father, the greatest samurai the world has ever known. Summoning courage, Kubo embarks on a thrilling odyssey as he faces his family’s history, navigates the elements, and bravely fights for the earth and the stars.”