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Most emotional episode of Serial so far and W Kamau Bell discuss one of my favourite Denzel films

Serial Podcast Episode 9: To Be Suspected

Wow this episode man. The Slate Serial podcast talked about how it didn’t really add anything in terms of the overall narrative, and I feel that’s where the Serial podcast audience are divided, some are solely interested in getting to the nitty gritty of the case,whereas some are more interested in the story being told and that’s what this episode did. The episode focused on Adnan’s perspective during the trial and it was kind of heartbreaking, hearing from people who spoke to him at the time, the idea that he thought that was going to be a temporary thing, he would be out by graduation, what’s he going to do when he gets out, contrast with interviews with the man now, 15 years later, knowing that he has a life sentence, this optimism he had in the past, his hopes to be released completely gone.

Adnan also spoke about Islam quite a bit, a lot of people find religion in prison, they have time to reflect, to look back on what they have done, what has led them to the point they are in. Adnan mentions this, that if he had been a good muslim, not smoking, getting involved with girls, he wouldn’t be in the position he is in. Most muslims go through that phase, of doing things they don’t want their parents to know, some people have seen this as a subtle admission of guilts, but as a muslim, there are consequences for our action both in this world and the next, Adnan probably sees his time in prison as the consequences of his actions prior to going into prison.

And we learnt more about Hae, not big details, but smaller ones, ones that make a person, that fill in the details, what she was like with her friends, her favourite colour effecting her favourite team. And the statement that her mum made at the sentencing was really upsetting to listen to.

Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period Episode 3: American Gangster

One of the reasons I really love this podcast is that there isn’t many podcasts out there featuring Black comedians, while this show is about Denzel films,  it’s also about W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery and their experiences. This episode was one I was looking forward t to so much that when I saw they were doing American Gangster, I did a little dance in my office. This week we got the top 10 Black People homework movies which was amazing. It was also discussed how much this is really Denzel’s movie, that Russell Crowe’s parts are kind of fast forward material.

Get Up on This #165 with Chris “Drama” Pfaff

The Fat Joe section of this had me cracking up while on my commute, the whole invisible train thing. He’s not the first rapper to join  a pyramid scheme as well, it’s nuts. I loved Jensen going in depth with his hate of Yelawolf, I hope it’s because of the Hype Men situation that was discussed in the past. Also that “Is this a board game or some shit I made up” game is a much better way to end the show instead of the Twitter segment.


Get up On This changes network, W Kamau Bell talks Denzel and Serial Podcast gets a new perspective in my week in podcasts

So I had a couple of podcasts I wanted to talk about this week so I thought “why not just make one post about what I’ve listened to this week.”

Get Up on This Episode 162 with Mark Hoppus

So this week the move happened. I thought it was going to be Nerdist or Earwolf and I was kind of right. Jensen Karp and Matt Robinson made the move over to Wolfpop, the new entertainment wing of Earwolf, and with that we got a new theme, which is actually amazing and features so many references to past episodes that I can’t help but go back and listen to it. As for the episode, I was sad to hear it’s an hour now and Jensen and the guest only get 2 picks but oh well, it was still a hilarious episode. Highlight of it might be Mark Hoppus getting us up on bee keeping, I had to stop myself from cracking up on the tube listening to that bit

Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period

New show from Wolfpop and it is hilarious. Who doesn’t love Denzel Washington and I think I agree with the title, he really is. In this podcast, comedians W Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery are going to talk about every movie of Denzel’s in alphabetical order, the rule which is completely thrown out for the first episode so they could talk about The Equalizer, a film I loved. This podcast, while about Denzel Washington, is also very much about the 2 hosts lives and I look forward to the week to week interactions between the two. We got 2 episodes of this this week, one as an introduction to the podcast then straight into The Equalizer review and next week the alphabetical order starts as we get 2 Guns. One particular discussion that I was cracking up at Kevin Avery saying he loves submarine movies. Also the discussion about Forrest Gump 2, in which Forrest goes back in time, underwater, to right the wrongs from the first movie, also starring Jackie Chan, in 3D, amazing.

The second episode also gave us a fascinating discussion about watching the end of the movie from a hallway. Amazing.

Serial Podcast Episode 7

After a couple of hard weeks for people who support Adnan, we finally got the episode we needed as Sarah Koenig goes to meet Deidre from the innocence project. Some people didn’t like this episode, Slate’s Serial Podcast was very against it, saying it was boring and they wanted more of the gritty details. But for me this was what we needed and so did Sarah. She got to discuss some of her problems and insecurities about the case, her view that Adnan seems nonchalant about it all. Deidre of course explained that this is all normal for someone in her position and that Adnan’s actions are similar to that of cases that she has seen herself.

Deidre was a fascinating person, so optimistic for someone in that line of work, I’m definitely going to  need an episode to return to her and see how the Innocence project’s investigation. And that ending, that ending gave me goosebumps when Sarah said ” Me? I’m gonna stay right here at home with my little garden spade and keep scraping at the thing that confuses me most, Jay. Next time, on Serial.” I was like yes finally,  a whole episode devoted to Jay. We’ve all been saying it, there’s something about Jay that’s off, something quite not right, I can’t wait for Thursday to hear what Sarah has uncovered.

I also carried on with my Welcome to Night Vale catch up, almost there now, listened to The Woman From Italy, The Deft Bowman and WALK. Glad to hear that Megan Wallaby finally got a body, that was nice, hope she’s ok.



Reflecting on Serial Podcast

So I saw Serial Podcast mentioned in a few places then I saw Jensen Karp tweet about it, he hosts Get Up on This, a podcast which gets you up on cool stuff, and usually his suggestions are right, so I thought let me give it a go. I took a look at the website and I thought this seems intriguing. And as soon as I started listening I was in. And I’m trying to bring as many people with me.

Serial Podcast is a true investigative story  about a girl called Hae Min Lee who was killed and buried and her ex boyfriend, Adnan Syed was imprisoned for it. For 15 years since it happened, Adnan and his friends have remained adamant that he is innocent. Last year a friend of his, Rabia Chaudry reached out to Sarah Koenig, a former crime reporter and now producer for This American Life detailing why she believes Adnan is innocent. This set Koenig on an investigation where she has uncovered things that others haven’t before.

The podcast is done in a serialised and is addictive to listen to. I got into bed last night planning on watching Regular Show but ended up listening to some of this. Even this morning, I woke up needing to go toilet but my mum was in the shower and didn’t want to disturb her, so I sat and listened to this at 6 in the morning. What’s really interesting is that not even Koenig knows how it will turn out, but it will sure be fascinating regardless.

One of the most ridiculous things about the prosecution’s case is the idea that Adnan was living some deceptive double life. Being a muslim, I never had a situation where I had to lie to my mum about something that I was doing, but I had friends, they weren’t manipulative, they didn’t flat out lie, they just keep things from family, it’s not something that is psychotic, it’s become normal for someone who grows up in the West and wants to do what their friends are doing. Even some of the most practicing people I know have histories that they kept from their families. So the idea that the prosecution used this as evidence for Adnan being manipulative is outrageous. And it’s not even a muslim issue, how many teenagers in general, hide things from their parents.

Anyways I’m 2 episodes in and will probably be checking out the next 2 tonight.  This is gripping stuff though so I’ll probably come back to talk about it at some point. Also if you’re interested, Rabia is on Reddit talking about the case and also blogging about it here and her brother Saad did an AMA here.

5 Things to pass the time before Twin Peaks comes back

So we are about 2 years from the return of Twin Peaks and for some that might be too long. However there are  a few things that we can do to get in that Twin Peaks mood again.

1. Watch the show again…

I mean this is the most obvious thing to be honest, especially with the new Blu Ray set that was recently released, there isn’t a better time to watch it. Get yourself acquainted with the weird and wonderful characters and speculate how they’re going to be 25 years later. But that’s not all watch them

2. …along with the Fire Talk With Me podcast


In what is now going to be perfect timing, this podcast started at the end of July and is presented by Jeremy Smith and Allie Goertz along with guests and each week they dissect an episode of Twin Peaks. The interesting take on the podcast is that Goertz has never seen the show so this is her first time viewing and she is experiencing what many fans felt in their original viewing in the 90’s. So watch the show along with the podcast to get a full experience. The podcast can be found here.

3. Listen to Welcome to Night Valenightvalelogo-web

Would anyone be surprised if we heard Agent Dale Cooper get a mention on this podcast. For a surreal slice of small town life, there is nowhere better to turn to than Welcome to Night Vale. The thing I l love about WTNV is that you are getting small snippets of an ongoing story, and you can go episodes without getting an update. It’s also a podcast that I have to stop myself from laughing on commutes when I’m listening. Buzzfeed has even had a couple of article that notice the similarities between the 2, here and here.

4. Watch Gravity Falls


It’s been described as Twin Peaks for kids, it’s also one of the best comedies on TV at the moment. There have been several different allusions to Twin Peaks in the show, which shows that the writers are probably fans and very aware of the comparisons make between the 2. I hope David Lynch is aware of it, maybe we’ll get a Mabel and Dipper reference in one of the 9 episodes, or just a reference to 2 siblings trying to solve a mystery.

5. Watch Carnivale


A show that was ahead of it’s time. In this world of Game of Thrones, True Detective and Breaking Bad, we are now ready for a more slow burn serialised show on TV. However at the time, this show did not get the ratings that would justify continuing and it was left on a bit of a cliffhanger, just like Twin Peaks. Plus both shows feature Michael J. Anderson.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour/Welcome to Night Vale crossover is finally here!

For those who have been waiting to hear these 2 behemoths of hilarious and creepy podcasting together get their wish as the crossover event of the century!!! is finally available on Bandcamp:

It’s only 1 dollar as well, for over 90 minutes worth of entertainment.

I’ve been looking forward to this, going to download it when I get home from work.