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The Wiivengers is everything you wanted from a Nintendo/Avengers Mash up

I’ve written about it before, but I really want to see an Avengers style series of Nintendo animated movies leading to one big team up. It’s all just a pipe dream though unfortunately so this might be the closest I’ll ever get to it.


My memories of the Mega Drive (or the Genesis)

So I just saw that just a few weeks ago, the Sega Mega Drive, or the Geneis as it is known in America, celebrated 25 years, which makes it only about a month older than me. So I thought I would write down some of my memories of the console which was a huge part of my life.

This isn’t a list of the best games, these are just games that I have fond memories of.



this game man, this flipping game (that level as well) This game was amazing, the soundtrack was great, the art was like you were watching the film and it was really challenging. I still played my Mega Drive in 2001, true story, I didn’t have a Playstation or an N64. And on 9/11, one of the most important dates in my generation’s life, I came home from school, I had just started secondary school. I came home, turned on the TV, saw that no cartoons were on, shouted to my mum “mama, there’s been a bomb or something in New York” and I went played Aladdin for the rest of the days. That might be the worst answer to one of those “where were you on that day type questions.” I only managed to complete Aladdin a few years ago. A lot of Disney games were also really good, I had Mickey’s Castle of Illusion and Lion King which were also really good.

Comix Zone

There were a few games that I would see advertised in Comic books that would look amazing. The problem was, the time that I had my Mega Drive, the bigger shops no longer stocked games, I had no understanding of buying things from the internet either, so the only place for me to buy games was at Cash Converters, where they sold second hand games. Comix Zone was one of those games. The game looked amazing, you were in a comic, what more could you ask for? Then I finally got it and it was really hard, but it’s a great game. I’m surprised that we haven’t seen a reboot in modern times considering how popular comic books are at the moment.

Eternal Champions/Mortal Kombat


I’ll be honest, I’m not very good at fighting game. And while these games are not really known for their stories, I have really got into these 2 games mythologies. Obviously Mortal Kombat has more of a mythology because it has more games, but Eternal Champions’ mythology was really interesting. Every character in the game was dead already and the winner of the tournament would be allowed to come back to life and stop the end of the world from happening, what more could you ask for? Also Bone Thugs n Harmony rapped over a sample from this game and it was sick.

With Mortal Kombat I fully fell in love the world, I bought both movies, the Conquest TV show and the Defenders of the Realm cartoon. I would hype people up at school about the 3rd movie that was always rumoured to be coming out. I always preferred it to Street Fighter just because of the story behind it.

Sonic the Hedgehog 


The Sega mascot, the only character that was strong enough to take on Mario. I loved Sonic, I would memorise levels of the game so that I would know how to get to a certain point quicker, because there was no save points at that time. I also thought Tails was useless, how many times would Tails get in the way. The soundtrack for these games were incredible. Sonic did inspire rapper one of the weirdest rappers of all time, Charles Hamilton, which I have to hold against the character but I still love him.

Kid Chameleon


This was a game that a friend of mine had which I always wanted. I love the concept of virtual reality worlds and that’s what Kid Chameleon was about. Kid Chameleon was a cool kid, we know this because he wore sunglasses and a leather jacket and in the 90’s that’s what a cool kid was. By himself Kid was cool enough, but as you explored the world you would pick up different masks a Samurai helmet which gave you a sword and a Jason mask which gave you the ability to throw axes, as you do. This game was very 90’s, from the concept, it’s about an arcade game which every kid played, which unfortunately wouldn’t happen in this day and age, to the look of the main character and the different masks you could play as. It also included an insane amount of levels and is the only game on this list I still haven’t completed.

Story of Thor


So I bought this because it was called Story of Thor so I was like “yeah, Thor, I love superheroes, this is a game about the superhero.”


It’s also not about Norse mythology. Instead it’s about  a prince called Ali who finds a gold amulet which allows him to control water, shadow, fire and plant spirits. This was the first RPG I played and I loved it. It was also the only game I had that had save slots.

Clayfighters/Earthworm Jim


These 2 games go together because Earthworm Jim ended up appearing in a Clayfighters game. Clayfighters was another game which I wasn’t really good at but I loved the characters, all of them were circus characters who were transformed by an interstellar object which gave them superpowers. My favourite was Blob, a master goojitsu who could turn into different things.

Earthworm Jim I knew about first from the cartoon which was a great parody of superhero cartoons at the time and is another character that I’m surprised hasn’t been brought back. The games were crazy but very fun

Robocop vs Terminator


You may have noticed that a lot of the games, especially the platform games, were very bright and vibrant, usually featuring some sort of anthropomorphised animal. Not this one, this game was dark and gritty and bloody. Based on a Frank Miller comic, you took control of Robocop, I loved Robocop as a kid. I remember going to buy the trilogy in HMV years later and talking to the cashier about how I didn’t understand how we were allowed to watch it as kids, it was really violent. The game had blood splattering, had some great guns, had the robots being sent to attack as terrifying as they were in The Terminator movies, it was everything a kid could ask for. And this day and age of cross branding, I’m surprised there haven’t been attempts to turn this into a film.