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Sting debuts at WWE Survivor Series!

13 and a half years since WCW closed up shop. We’ve seen Ric Flair, we’ve seen Bill Goldberg, we’ve even seen the NWO, but the one man, the one man WWE could never get was Sting. There were rumours all the time, any time Sting’s TNA contract was up, any time there was a dark and mysterious promo that we all knew was for The Undertaker but in our hearts hoped it was for Sting.

We knew Sting was more open to it, he’s been on the campaign trail so to speak, turning up at Comic Cons, being part of the video game, getting his own DVD. Then yesterday the rumours started that it was going to happen at Survivor Series. I really contemplated staying up to watch it but I had an early start so I had to give it  a miss. But waking up to that news is amazing. Sting debuting was one of the last big moments that the WWE had, especially or older fans who remember WCW.

Now it looks like we’re heading towards a Sting vs Triple H match at WrestleMania, which is the biggest match they can do unless Undertaker wants to come back (please come back Undertaker, just for this match). I hope it’s not a one and done type deal, I would really like to see Sting against Cena, both of them the ultimate good guys, except for Sting’s thankfully forgotten couple of heel runs, that one in 1999 was terrible.

I just hope that Sting’s run is all it can be, but part of me wishes it could have been sooner. WWE are all about the spectacle and Sting is a perfect fit for it and could have been throughout all these years. I’ll stop, can’t be too negative, frigging Sting just debuted in the WWE!


WWE recreate Badd Blood ending at Hell in a Cell. What does that mean for Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt?

Last night was WWE’s Hell in a Cell. Oh Hell in a Cell, once you were the defining feud ending match, something brought in when drastic measures needed to be taken. That isn’t true actually, after all the WrestleMania 15 HiaC was rather pointless. But one match that did deserve the HiaC treatment was last night’s main event of Dean Ambrose. For months now Ambrose has been chasing Rollins, with Rollins portraying the sneaky bad guy perfectly and escaping by the skin of his teeth. The closed structure of the Cell was the perfect place to settle it once and for all.

Except it wasn’t settled, many expected Ambrose to get the much deserved win over his arch rival, but instead we saw a bizarre repeat of the 1997 event Badd Blood. On that event was the main event between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, the first ever HiaC match. For months before that, Paul Bearer had been tormenting Undertaker with talk that his younger brother Kane had survived the fire that killed their parents (storylines, they don’t make them like they used to). On that night, Undertaker savagely beat Shawn Michaels, throwing him around the ring, off the cell and busting him wide open. Then it went dark. And the music played. The lights went red. And out came Kane. It’s hard to think of a WWE without Kane, he’s become such a staple. But that night was his night, he came to the ring, ripped the door off the Cell, attacked referee Earl Hebner, tombstoned The Undertaker and turned the lights back on with his now signature are movement. Michaels then was able to cover Undertaker and the while being fearful of Kane. Kane was made. That clip of him ripping the Cell door off was replayed for years.

And last night, we got a very similar ending, except this time it wasn’t a debuting worker, instead it was the returning Bray Wyatt, he seems to have ramped up the supernatural aspect quite a bit. I’m glad, with Undertaker pretty much retired and Kane being corporate, WWE are missing that supernatural element and Wyatt is the perfect fit for it. A lot of people say gimmicks like that are cartoony, I say WWE should play it up more, we are at a time were the mainstream thing, the coolest thing to be into, is superheroes. WWE in the 90’s was like seeing real life superheroes, the bright colours, the facepaint, the characters. The OSW review podcast recently reviewed Night of Champions and counted how many people’s outfits were just black trunks. If the mainstream can welcome the Avengers and make it be the coolest thing, the WWE should take more risks with characters.

Last night felt like a superstar moment for all 3 men involved. I’ve written before about how the WWE feel like right now they’re in a transition period, breaking off the shackles of the past few years along with the idea of the Attitude era. Interestingly, they got the main event spot, a lot of people assumed that would go to Orton against Cena. But WWE decided to take the risk and it paid off, Rollins and Ambrose had a brutal match, with Ambrose dominating for much of it much like Undertaker did 17 years ago.


Then when it seemed like Ambrose was going to do it, the lights went off, weird chanting was heard, a lantern was seen in the ring, the smoke from it portraying a shadowy figure, then emerged Wyatt. He attacked Ambrose then did his little creepy spider walk thing, Rollins got the cover and quickly left the ring, while Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Ambrose and started demonically laughing as the show went off the air.


I can’t help but think that WWE knew what they were doing by replicating the finish of the match. Much in the same way that night in 1997 solidified not only Kane but the Hell in a Cell match itself, I felt like last night solidified this new era of the WWE. While I don’t if the repercussions will be felt straight away, I feel like in 10 years times when all 3 of these man have had countless title reigns, will look back on last night as a career maker.


So it looks like we’re getting an Ambrose/Wyatt feud, something fans have been asking to see for ages, Ambrose being the loose cannon and Wyatt with a loose screw, the promos between these 2 should be amazing. And what of Wyatt, he is now apparently without Harper and Rowan and rumours were that NXT tag team Ascension were going to be brought up as his new family. Tonight’s Raw should be very interesting.

And as for Ambrose and Rollins, chapter 1 is complete but this isn’t over. WWE have tried to bill Orton and Cena as their new version of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, or The Rock and Triple H, but it’s largely fallen deaf ears, Rollins and Ambrose will be this generations epic feud, after all Ambrose has promised that he will not allow  Rollins to cash in his Money in the Bank, maybe Ambrose will go 1 better and beat Rollins for it after he’s won it.

Who can dethrone Brock Lesnar?

We are a week removed from SummerSlam and the wrestling equivalent of Brazil against Germany at this year’s World Cup. Last week we saw Brock Lesnar decimate John Cena with 16 suplexes. To see a main event match play out like that was slightly surreal.

Now the question is, the WWE have built Brock Lesnar up to be The Guy. Who can defeat him?

Daniel Bryan


The man who was rumoured to be facing Lesnar at SummerSlam but couldn’t due to his injuries, Daniel Bryan is undoubtedly still one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE and I imagine that his return will be well hyped, unless he’s a Royal Rumble entrant. Imagine Bryan coming back and challenging Lesnar on the grounds that he never actually lost his title. This would be the ultimate David vs Goliath match in the WWE, even more so than last year’s CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar. Imagine Brock Lesnar throwing Daniel Bryan around the ring or Bryan being the ultimate underdog and pulling out a victory.

The Undertaker


We don’t know the status of The Undertaker at the moment, though many assume he is retired, however imagine it, after a few months of Brock Lesnar dominating the WWE main event scene, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman standing in the middle of the ring, Heyman with his usual gloating and suddenly you hear the gong, the lights go out and the mind games start. The ultimate revenge story as Undertaker marches straight to WrestleMania to defeat the 1 in 21 and 1 and win the WWE title.

John Cena


What if John Cena pulled off a Rocky type tale. In the lead up to Night of Champions, we see training vignettes, Cena going back to basics, knowing he can’t use the same tactics he did in the SummerSlam match. I know the internet would lose it’s mind, but John Cena is still one of the best the WWE has and if the plan is to put over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania who better for him to face than the current top star of the WWE.

The Rock


This might be the biggest match the WWE could put on at the moment mainstream wise. Certified megastar The Rock against former UFC champion Brock Lesnar would be a huge WrestleMania main event. Whether The Rock will even come back to wrestle is unknown at this point, but it was rumoured that this was the match that was scheduled for this year’s WrestleMania so maybe there will be a push to put it on at 31.

A member of The Shield


Roman Reigns is the rumoured name to be the one to beat Brock Lesnar, possibly at WrestleMania. They’ve obviously been building him up to be the next top guy in the WWE. But is it guaranteed that his push can sustain the 8 months still left for WrestleMania.  The crowd reactions he is receiving are still strong, but maybe not as strong as they were when he was part of The Shield. Maybe instead it will  be one his Shield cohorts who will win the title before him. After all Seth Rollins currently holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, what after a grueling match, Seth Rollins runs in and cashes in on Brock Lesnar. Or maybe it will be Dean Ambrose, he has been almost Daniel Bryan like reactions since his feud started with Seth Rollins. And maybe no one is crazy enough to face Brock Lesnar except Dean Ambrose. Or complete fantasy booking time here now, Triple H and The Authority’s control of Brock Lesnar begins to loosen and he goes into business for himself and the only people that Triple H can turn to is the Hounds of Justice.

WrestleMania XXX and Raw the night after


So I planned on staying up to watch WrestleMania but a combination of waking up early and having work the next day put me off that. I mean as much as I would have enjoyed it, I felt like a few things were a foregone conclusion, Daniel Bryan was going to get his fairy tale ending, The Shield would dominate, Bray Wyatt would be creepy and of course The Undertaker would win.

So I wake up about 8:30 on Monday morning and the first thing I do is check while having my breakfast.

I expect to be greeted by pictures of Daniel Bryan, both arms raised doing the Yes chant, with a title in each hand.

Instead I was greeted with this


They did it.

They really did it.

WWE pulled off one of the last few things that would shock every wrestling fan, even the most cynical ones.

I was in complete shock, with no one in my house, I just walked around while making my breakfast, saying outloud to myself “they did it, they actually did it.”

I never thought we would see it, I truly thought he was going to retire with the streak intact. And if he was to lose, I thought it would be against someone who the WWE were building up to be the face of the company. But thinking about it, Lesnar makes perfect sense.

When Brock Lesnar wrestles, partly due to his sporadic appearances and also partly due to his UFC background, he brings the big fight feel. I envision Brock Lesnar now becomes the man to beat at WrestleMania.

But The Undertaker losing plays into a larger thing which became even more evident on Raw last night, there is a real changing of the guard taking place in the WWE right now.

Some older wrestling fans have a yearning for it return to the way it was in the olden days, the Attitude era, a time in which a lot of people, including myself, first got into wrestling. And when The Shield had Billy Gunn and Road Dogg in position to hit a double triple powerbomb, JBL mentioned it “there goes the attitude era.”

At WrestleMania we saw Daniel Bryan come out on top, The Shield and Bray Wyatt continue to impress, The Streak was broken, Cesaro picking up Big Show and throwing him over the top. The next night on Raw, Cesaro became a Heyman guy, The Shield and Daniel Bryan were a united front against The Authority, we saw the debuts of Paige and Rusev and promos for Adam Rose and Bo Dallas. It’s often said that WrestleMania is like the season finale for the WWE and last night’s Raw truly felt like a season premiere.