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Superhero Cage match as Flash and Arrow take on some villains

That’s how you do a promo video!

I know it’s like a year away, but this gets me even more excited for the Flash/Arrow spinoff


Stephen Amell announced to be Casey Jones in the Ninja Turtles sequel

So it’s been a while.

But anyways, news broke while I was sleeping that Stephen Amell, beloved star of Arrow, has announced that he will be playing Casey Jones in the sequel to this year’s Ninja Turtles, which is set for release in 2016. Now I’ll be honest, I liked the Ninja Turtles movie, it was after a long day at work and I just smiled the whole way through, but obviously many people didn’t, so this casting is sure to throw a spanner in the works on their plans of not watching the sequel as Amell is a beloved star.

In other DC related casting news, Rory will once again be time travelling, not with the Doctor though, this time by himself, as he will be playing Rip Hunter in the upcoming Arrow/Flash spin off series which marks DC’s attempt to create a TV version of the Justice League. Chalk that another Doctor Who alumni for DC, a show which along with Prison Break and Spartacus, seems to be a breeding ground for superhero action at the moment.

And the most exciting news, Hawkgirl will also be in this spinoff. Now I didn’t know much about Hawkgirl growing up, then last summer I started watching the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited and it’s like “I get why everyone else is in this group, but why Hawkgirl.” But it soon became very clear why she was there as she became one of the most important members of the team and was the catalyst behind some of their biggest storylines. She will be played Ciara Renee, who hasn’t been in Doctor Who, Spartacus or Prison Break, but, I’m sure she’s good.

Jai Courtney might be Deadshot, does DC have a thing for Spartacus?

News broke over night that the role of Deadshot in the Suicide Squad might be played by Jai Courtney. One of Courtney’s most iconic roles was in the incredible underrated Starz Spartacus series as Varro, a friend of Spartacus. Higher ups at DC seem to have a thing for Spartacus alumni, which is understandable, Spartacus was a comic book show without having a comic book, from the blood splattering, the violence, the backstabbing, Spartacus had it all. After all we saw Manu Bennett played Deathstroke in Arrow, along with Katrina Law who is Nyssa al Ghul, Nick Tarabay as Captain Boomerang and Cynthia Addai-Robinson who plays Amanda Waller.

I don’t whether there is some sort of Spartacus takeover going on at DC at the moment but I’m glad to see stars from that show getting a chance in Hollywood.


Are we on the verge of seeing a Justice League of the CW

So we now know that, despite many fans wanting it to happen, Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow and Grant Gustin’s Flash are not going to be part of the Justice League movie. Which on the one hand is a damn shame, Amell in particular has owned the role and I feel it would be strange seeing someone else play him on the big screen. However it does open up more exciting possibilities for CW’s DC TV shows (so many acronyms). It means that they could create their own version of the Justice League on TV and promote epic crossover events between characters.

In an interview recently, President of the CW Mark Pedowitz mentioned that they are testing out characters on these 2 shows to see whether they would be strong enough to spin off into their own show. One actor one I would like to get his own spinoff is Brandon Routh. Now Routh is a leading man if I ever saw one and will be joining the cast or Arrow this season as Ray Palmer AKA The Atom. Arrow executive producer Mark Guggenheim said that if Ray Palmer is too shrink, it will be another show i.e. The Flash. Or are we going to get a backdoor pilot moment where we see The Atom’s origins then it is announced that next year CW is adding The Atom to it’s listings. We’re also getting Firestorm in The Flash, who I don’t think could carry his own show, but would easily pad out a CW Justice League.

But the most exciting news is that Pedowitz is reported to have said Flash and Arrow could crossover with the upcoming TNT Teen Titans show (the marketing for TNT Titans does itself really doesn’t it). The Teen Titans are the perfect fit for the CW who are known for their teen programming. And with Greg Berlanti working on the Supergirl show, even if it is meant to be on CBS, gives us hope that we could see her crossover. And while bringing Gotham would be kind of weird, seeing as it doesn’t really have any superheroes in it yet, I wouldn’t mind Constantine coming over and adding mysticism and the supernatural to this world (it also helps that Constantine referenced Dr. Fate and I really want to see Dr. Fate join in on the crossover action). Regardless, it’s an exciting time to be a superhero fan.

And maybe just maybe in the near future we’ll get an epic TV Justice League vs Movie Justice League which shuts the internet down.