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Superman has a goatee and the Justice League is a terrorist organisation in the first clip from Justice League: Gods and Monsters

It’s been a while since Bruce Timm worked on a DC project (75th Anniversary short aside) so it’s good to see him back. And what a way to come back, presenting the beloved Justice League as pseudo villains. I am particularly looking forward to see the portrayal of Lex Luthor as his arc on the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited was really interesting.

There’s also a preview video with discussions with Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano:


Will Lex Luthor be in Suicide Squad?

Deadline are reporting that discussions are taking place between Warner Brothers and Jesse Eisenberg for him to star in Suicide Squad. Warner Bros must be confident that he is going to be popular enough in Batman V. Superman to carry over into another film. Could it be tied into Justice League as well?

They’re going all out for Suicide Squad by all accounts with Tom Hardy and Will Smith apparently being sought after for roles. It’s understandable, out of all of DC’s upcoming movies, Suicide Squad has the least brand recognition. It’s also kind of a risk doing what is essentially a villain movie.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Eisenberg does with the role, he has a real creepy vibe to him and if he can tap into that, he could be a really good villain..

Making a shared movie universe out of a molehill

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has really changed the game. Remember how excited people were at the Superman mention in Batman and Robin despite how terrible that film might be. Or remember seeing the name Remy LeBeau on Yuriko’s computer in X-Men 2 and being like “that’s Gambit, we need Gambit.” We tirelessly scanned these films for hints at a larger universe. Then Nick Fury turned up at the end of Iron Man 1 and everything changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of shared universes, it makes sense for Marvel and DC to have one, Star Wars also, and Fox have enough mutants that they could also create something substantial. However then you have Sony, who are feel are kind of pushing it with attempts to create a Spider-Man shared universe. And now just this week there has been news that Dracula Untold is going to be the start of  a Universal Monster’s shared universe and that Sony want a Robin Hood shared universe and now I just feel like it’s overkill. This was actually discussed on an episode of Get up Off This with Matthew Robinson and Jensen, which can be listened to here, that it feels like everything is part of a shared universe now. Drew McWeeny on that podcast said that he felt like Amazing Spider-Man 2 felt like a 2 hour trailer for future films, and we know that the subtitle for Batman v Superman is “Dawn of Justice,” are we going to be watching a 2 hour trailer for a Justice League movie?

While the prospect of seeing 2 established characters mixing on the big screen is always exciting, the more it happens, the more it could become diluted, talk of an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover was met with a negative response by many people due to the vastly different tones of both franchises. We don’t shared universes for the sake of having a shared universe, it needs to feel natural. The Avengers felt natural, it had a great build up and then they knocked it out of the park. Marvel took a huge risk with the Nick Fury appearance and it paid off. However, the more we hear about Batman v Superman, the less confidence people have in it actually being any good. We’ve gone from Man of Steel which had a Wayne Enterprises logo and that was it in terms of a shared universe, to Batman v Superman which will feature already established Batman and Wonder Woman, and also introduce Cyborg, possibly Aquaman. It doesn’t feel natural, DC really should have taken that risk in Man of Steel to have maybe Bruce Wayne turn up or anyone else from the Justice League. Yeah you would get people screaming that they’re just copying Marvel’s formula, but the excitement would soon drown that out.

Say what I want about Batman v Superman, we’re all going to go see it though. Even if we do complain about it. I just hope that by the time it comes out, we’re not suffering from shared movie universe oversaturation.