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Ranking the weeks comic book movie reveals

It felt like this was a week where studios with comic book properties decided to reveal character from said properties. I’m not complaining, after all, it is the week DareDevil came out and the first showing of Avengers, so other studios took that chance to get themselves a little buzz.

5. Justice League Cast Reveal

Suicide Squad

Coming in at number 5 is a cast picture without anyone actually in costume, which is cool, but it doesn’t beat the rest of the reveals this week. However it does have Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, AKA Adibisi, AKA the man who I hope will end up winning the Game of Thrones, then tipping his crown to the side. He will be playing Killer Croc, and if he channels some of that Beware the Batman Killer Croc, then we’re in for a treat. This picture also made everyone ask where is Jared Leto, which is  the first time that has happened.

4. Jared Leto as The Joker

And here he is taking the picture and channelling the classic Killing Joke cover. Yeah so his hair is gone, which is a shame, because it looked mad soft, but it is what it is. I’m cautious about this film, however I am looking forward to it, probably a bit more than Batman vs Superman, feel like with this one they can let loose a little bit.

3. DareDevil costume


I’ve written before about how i don’t actually hate Affleck’s DareDevil film, but this series looks like it takes it to another level (I haven’t had a chance to start it yet.) But part of me feels like this costume doesn’t actually suit him, I’m sure it looks better on screen but in this image, just not feeling it.

2. The Thing

the thing

Despite the lack of eyebrows, The Thing looks really good. I have this weird feeling, and it’s probably completely wrong, that this has a chance to exceed expectations, which isn’t too hard considering expectations for it are so low. I didn’t hate the trailer, it had an epic sci fi feel, while I would prefer a more light hearted take on the characters, you can’t write off something based just on the trailer, well you can, that’s kind of the point of trailers, but yeah, I’ll check it out.

1. Vision


Along with positive reviews for his part in Age of Ultron, this week has been a week of Vision. Marvel has kind of kept him under wraps until very recently, but we got a proper look at him this week, and what a look it is. Taking enough of the comics without looking too cartoony, this shot Vision and the hype around the first responses saying he is the person to look out for has me really excited, which I obviously already was, because it’s Avengers.


Confession, I quite liked the Ben Affleck Daredevil film

The weekend just gone was New York Comic Con and the panel many people were anticipating was the one for the Netflix Daredevil show, the show that is going to wash away the nasty taste that many feel the 2003 Daredevil movie left. But I’ll admit, I kind of liked it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not amazing and in comparison to what came after it, the Nolan Batman trilogy, the MCU stuff, it pales in comparison, but by itself, it’s decent. Now I do have to say, I have not seen the theatrical cut, I’ve only seen what is considered the better Director’s Cut.

From what I understand, the Director’s Cut left out much of the romance storyline between Matt Murdoch and Elektra and added an entire subplot featuring a character played by Coolio, which allows Affleck to flex his lawyer acting muscles a bit more and gives us a reason for the action, along with making the fight scenes longer and a bit more brutal. I heard that in the original cut, the Kingpin fight was very short, but in the Director’s Cut, you see a proper battle take place between Kingpin and Daredevil.

Me seeing this film is why I had no problem with Ben Affleck being announced as Batman, I felt he was good at the role and has only grown as an actor in the past 10 years since. He also has the gravitas for the Bruce Wayne side of the role, when you see an interview with Ben Affleck, he is a star, it’s undeniable, you can tell from the way he carries himself, and if that translates over to the Bruce Wayne side of things, then he could own the role of Batman.


Saying all that, I’m really looking forward to the Netflix series. I hope they have a good fight choreographer as much of the appeal of Daredevil is the gritty New York street fights, and seeing as we’re also getting Iron Fist and Luke Cage, we need some epic street fights.